When looking for any analytical instrumentation from oxygen analysers, relative humidity, dewpoint, multi gas analysers, turbidity, colourimetric, pH, conductivity, redox, CO2 AMS is able to supply a complete range to suit any application for industrial and commercial processes.

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Process Analysers, Oxygen Analysers, Relative Humidity Sensors and Meters, Dewpoint Measurement, Portable Hygrometers, Chilled Mirror Hygrometers, etc.

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Oxygen Analysers, Thermal Conductivity Analysers, NDIR Analysers, Multigas Analysers, OEM Analysers.

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optek has developed a complete line of turbidity meters, colourimeters, UV absorption, and pH and conductivity sensors that are installed in some of the roughest process conditions, in plants all over the world.

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Measuring the CO2 exhaust in every single house and being able to determining the efficiency of a combustion plant with measuring instruments

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Industrial Water Analysers and Liquid Analytical Products, such as pH, ORP, Turbidity, Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen and Colourimetric.

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We offer various analysers ideal for analysing natural gas and measuring its heat quantity. Our analysers can be used to analyse components and check the combustion efficiency of gas turbines, engines, and furnaces.

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