A better way to calibrate

Complete Range of Portable Calibrators for Temperature, Pressure and Electrical Signals, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pumps, Range of Calibration Software, Workshop Calibration Benches.

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AMS  was one of the first overseas distributors for Beamex and thus has had a long association with the company. Since technology continues to rapidly progress, companies need to be more efficient with fewer resources. At the same time, new regulations put constant pressure on manufacturing operations to maintain a high level of plant safety and product quality. With these in mind, we are here to help our customers to find a better way.

Beamex exists to provide a better way to calibrate. That was their founding principle and it still guides everything they do. Originally, the “better way” related to developing calibrators that better serve users’ needs. 

Since the beginning, it has grown into many other things, such as a better way to generate pressure, a better way to calibrate temperature or pressure, a better way to manage calibration data and even a better way to implement calibration process changes. Whether they develop calibrators, calibration software, calibration test benches or services, they still continue their quest to provide better ways for our customers to perform and manage calibrations.