Pressure gauges to measure gauge pressure and pressure difference in industries

AMS can supply a variety of pressure measuring devices to suit commercial and industrial applications, including pumps, machinery and related systems.
Steam boilers or other pressurised vessels; compressors; chemical processing; oil, gas and petrochemical systems; oil and gas pipeline monitoring; power plant equipment; and pulp and paper mills.

Pressure Devices for Commercial and Industrial Precision

In the intricate dance of industries, where precision reigns supreme, pressure devices emerge as unsung heroes.

These devices are the silent sentinels that gauge and control the ebb and flow of pressure within a vast array of processes, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced safety.

From monitoring pressure fluctuations to measuring differential pressure differences and maintaining optimal levels, pressure devices are the backbone of modern industrial landscapes.

Variety of Pressure Devices

Pressure Transmitters

Pneumatic Pressure / Differential Pressure Transmitters PREX3000

As essential components of measurement and control systems, Pressure Transmitters contribute significantly to process optimisation and safety enhancement.

Electronic pressure transmitters represent the pinnacle of modern pressure measurement. They ingeniously convert pressure variations into accurate electrical signals, facilitating real-time monitoring and control.

They are also good for measuring differential pressure in discerning minute variations between two pressure points, enabling the detection of flow obstructions or filter clogs.

For applications with high pressures and specific requirements, pneumatic pressure transmitters maintain relevance, employing compressed air to transmit pressure information.

Smart pressure transmitters exemplify the marriage of technology and functionality.

These devices not only provide accurate pressure reading and data but also offer advanced digital communication capabilities, seamlessly integrating with automation systems.

Pressure Gauges

200 Series Low Pressure Diaphragm Pressure Gauges

Pressure gauges are essential tools for conveying pressure levels with instant clarity, making them invaluable in situations where a prompt and straightforward reading of gauge pressure is crucial.

These gauges come in various types, including a diaphragm pressure gauge and differential pressure gauges, each designed to accurately display pressure variations.

Whether it’s in industrial processes or fluid systems, pressure gauges provide real-time insights into pressure changes, allowing operators to make informed decisions and measure pressure swiftly and effectively.

Their simplicity and reliability make them indispensable instruments for ensuring optimal performance and safety across a wide range of applications.

Pressure Transducers

Electro-pneumatic transducers

In pressure measurement, while pressure transmitters act as communicators, pressure transducers serve as adept translators.

These devices effectively convert the complex language of pressure changes into an understandable electrical signal, connecting machinery with automation and control systems.

Found in various sectors, from industrial manufacturing to intricate energy plants, pressure transducers play a crucial role in facilitating communication between sophisticated machinery and vigilant operators.

By transforming intricate pressure details into practical data, these devices greatly enhance the efficiency and optimisation of essential processes.

Pressure Regulators

Type 10- T10 Precision Regulator

Pressure regulators operate diligently to maintain stable and ideal pressure levels, averting potential disruptions caused by fluctuations in static pressure in the pressure head.

Their proficiency in ensuring a consistent pressure environment translates into streamlined processes and heightened productivity.

By upholding uniform pressure and electrical resistance, these devices contribute significantly to the efficient operation of various systems, enhancing overall performance across different industrial sectors.

Benefits of Using Pressure Measuring Instruments

  • Precision and Accuracy: The heartbeat of any operation lies in high accuracy and precision. Pressure measuring devices provide the crucial data needed for informed decisions, ensuring that processes run like clockwork.
  • Improved Process Control: With digital pressure gauge and sensor devices at the helm, process control reaches new heights. Monitoring and measuring pressure and variations in real-time empowers industries to tweak and fine-tune their operations, resulting in heightened efficiency and seamless production cycles.
  • Enhanced Safety: In the complex world of industries, safety is non-negotiable. Pressure devices play a pivotal role in maintaining safe working environments by preventing pressure-related hazards. From chemical plants to oil refineries, these devices are the guardians that stand against potential risks.
  • Cost Efficiency: Waste not, want not. Proper pressure management isn’t just about operational efficiency; it’s also about cost savings. By curbing wastage and optimising energy consumption, pressure devices contribute to a greener bottom line.

Why Choose Our Pressure Devices?

  • Industry Expertise: Our journey through the realm of a pressure-measuring device spans a multitude of industries. We understand the diverse needs and nuanced demands that pressure measurement entails, ensuring that our devices are tailored to match specific sectors.
  • Wide Range of Devices: One size doesn’t fit all in the world of pressure. Our range of pressure devices caters to the spectrum of requirements, from heavy-duty industrial applications to intricate commercial setups.
  • Quality Assurance: In the realm of precision, quality is king. Our commitment to excellence shines through in every pressure device we offer. Premium materials and meticulous manufacturing processes ensure reliability and longevity.
  • Compliance and Standards: Trust is earned through adherence to the highest standards. Our pressure devices adhere to industry regulations, ensuring not just optimal performance but also safety and compliance.

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