In the dynamic and challenging environment of the mining industry, the role of precision instruments cannot be overstated. Mining calibration instruments are crucial for mining control operations, directly impacting the efficiency, safety, and reliability of industrial operations. These instruments allow mining companies to monitor numerous processes, from extraction to processing, ensuring that every step meets the highest standards of quality control and efficiency.

Instrumentation in the Mining Industry

The mining sector employs a vast array of equipment, operating in various formats and interfaces. This complexity necessitates advanced process instrumentation to harmonise operations, enhancing the efficiency of automated mining operations. By integrating sophisticated monitoring devices, mining companies can achieve unparalleled oversight and control over their operations.

Key Instruments for Mining Control and Monitoring

  • Flow Meters:
    • Essential for measuring the flow rate of liquids, critical in dispensing applications.
    • Offer customisation to measure volumes from gallons per minute to litres per second, ensuring repeatability and product quality.
  • Level Instrumentation:
    • Incorporates both continuous level instrumentation and point level instrumentation for accurate fluid level measurement in tanks and vessels.
    • Essential for maintaining optimal production processes and safety.
  • Temperature Instrumentation:
    • Vital for ensuring that production and storage temperatures are maintained within specific thresholds.
    • Includes a variety of sensors and heaters to monitor and adjust temperatures in real-time.
  • Pressure Instrumentation:
    • Utilises pressure gauges, transmitters, and sensors to monitor and display crucial operational data.
    • Plays a significant role in improved quality control and safety by alerting when pressures reach critical levels.

Nickel & Cobalt Mining

With new technologies emerging more raw material, such as Nickel, Cobalt and Lithium need to be mined. These materials are widely used in the manufacture of Li-Ion batteries.

Nickel is not as well known as other metals but it plays an important, if invisible, role in modern life. When mixed with other metals nickel helps to create amazing alloys that are strong, won’t rust, can withstand high and low temperatures and can be easily shaped into anything from thin wires to flat sheets.

Cobalt is also used to create many other things, including powerful magnets, cutting tools and strong alloys for jet engines.

Lithium is one of the key metals driving the current hi-tech revolution. This light silvery metal, found in hard rock mines and salt lakes, is a vital component of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries power cell phones, notebooks and many other electronic devices. It is also the primary element in the larger batteries that charge hybrid and EV’s.

In addition to the traditional mining this offers more opportunities for AMS to supply our range of instrumentation and calibration equipment.

Benefits of Mining Automation

Automating mining processes offers a plethora of advantages:

  • Efficiency: Streamlines operations, ensuring that each process from crushing to concentration runs optimally.
  • Quality Control: Advanced instrumentation allows for real-time quality control, ensuring product quality and consistency.
  • Safety: Automation and real-time monitoring create a safe working environment, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

Our Commitment to the Mining Industry

At AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, we’re more than suppliers; we’re dedicated partners in the success of your mining operation. Our expertise spans materials handling equipment, measurement equipment, and automation control, ensuring individual processes monitor efficiently and processes analyse thoroughly for peak performance.

  • Custom Setup and Programming: We tailor new measurement equipment and test equipment to precisely fit your unique operational needs, emphasising electrical calibration and automation control to streamline automating processes.
  • Onsite Service and Calibration: Our commitment extends to onsite service, maintaining test equipment and measurement equipment for optimal performance. This dedication enhances the reliability and efficiency of your materials handling equipment and automating processes, supported by rigorous electrical calibration.
  • Expert Technicians: Our knowledgeable team is focused on maximising your process instrumentation’s effectiveness, crucial for analysing processes and ensuring individual processes monitor accurately, contributing to the success and safety of your mining operations.
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Empowering Your Mining Operations with Expert Calibration and Instrumentation

We understand the critical role that accurate measurement and control play in the mining sector. Our commitment to providing state-of-the-art calibration and instrumentation solutions is unwavering. By choosing AMS, you’re not just getting a supplier; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing your operation’s efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Discover how our services can transform your mining operations. Our team is ready to provide you with the tools and expertise necessary to excel in the competitive mining landscape. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your calibration and instrumentation needs.

Ready to elevate your mining operations? Explore our range of services and find out how we can tailor our solutions to fit your specific needs.

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