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The paper and pulp industry manufactures pulp and paper from wood or recycled fibers.

Manufacturing Paper

The method of paper manufacturing is essentially simple: mix up vegetable fibers, and cook them in hot water until the fibers are soft but not dissolved.
The hot water also contains a base chemical such as lye, which softens the fibers as they are cooking.
Then, pass a screen-like material through the mixture, let the water drip off and/or evaporate, and then squeeze or blot out additional water. A layer of paper is left behind.

Essential to the process is the fibers, which are never totally destroyed, and, when mixed and softened, form an interlaced pattern within the paper itself.

The modern paper manufacturing process, although significantly more complicated than the older ways, have shown developmental improvements rather than entirely new methods of making paper.

Pulp & Paper Instrumentation Applications

AMS Supplies a range of calibration and instrumentation equipment to the Pulp and Paper industries:

  • Calibration Equipment: Field equipment needs to be calibrated and pressure, temperature calibrators are widely used and combined with the appropriate software packages ensure plants are maintained in optimum operation.
  • Flow Meters: Measure the flow rate of liquids and are useful for dispensing applications. These instruments can be tailored to your exact needs whether you need to measure gallons per minute or litres per second to ensure repeatability and product consistency.
  • Level Instrumentation: Continuous and point level instrumentation includes a range of floats, probes, and switches for measuring and monitoring fluid levels in holding tanks and other vessels.
  • Temperature Instrumentation: Maintaining proper temperatures is critical in the production and storage of food and beverages. We provide a range of temperature instrumentation including sensors and heaters for monitoring cooking processes and ensuring ingredients and finished products are produced and stored at the appropriate temperatures.
  • Pressure Instrumentation: Various types of gauges, transmitters, and sensors are used to measure and display density, flow rates, fluid levels and more. These instruments help improve safety and quality control by monitoring critical functions and sending a signal where pressures reach low or high levels.

Start-up, Calibration & Service

AMS Instrumentation & Calibration are able to provide setup and programming for new equipment, as needed, as well as service and onsite calibration of devices in the field. Our expert technicians will help you get the best possible performance from your process instrumentation.

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