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Calibration Equipment

A complete range of portable calibrators for Temperature, Pressure and Electrical Signals, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Pumps, Handheld Manometers, Pressure Standards, Meteo Stations and Workshop Calibration Benches from world renowned suppliers.

Flow – Liquids

A complete range of fluid flowmeter devices are available from a variety from some of the best known suppliers through our company, such as – Orifices, Venturies, Nozzles, Positive Displacement, Rotary Piston, Oval, Pitot Tubes, Calorimetrics, Turbine, Vortex, Electromagnetic, Doppler, Ultrasonic, Thermal, Coriolis and V-Cone and Flow Computers.

Flow – Gases

Thermal mass flow meters that feature precision, surface-mount, RoHS compliant electronics with industry leading functions and communications capabilities, and with un-matched agency approvals and certifications. AMS has a thermal flow meter solution. Flow computers for the measurement and control of more than 30 fluids (gases, oils, liquids, steam).


AMS are able to supply a variety of pressure devices to suit commercial and industrial applications, including pumps, machinery and related systems; steam boilers or other pressurised vessels; compressors; chemical processing; oil, gas and petrochemical systems; oil and gas pipeline monitoring; power plant equipment; and pulp and paper mills.


Thermal Dispersion Flow / Level / Interface Switches, Differential Pressure, Gauges, Tank level Indicators, Inventory Monitoring, Sanitary Devices, Mechanical and Electronic Transmitters are all available through AMS


Thermocouples, RTD’s, Thermowells assemblies all in a wide variety of materials, lengths and diameters to meet your particular application conditions including: temperature, mechanical strength, corrosion, atmosphere, dry or liquid immersion; velocity of measured medium and length of service are all available.


When looking for any analytical instrumentation from oxygen analysers, relative humidity, dewpoint, multi gas analysers, turbidity, colourimetric, pH, conductivity, redox, CO2 AMS is able to supply a complete range to suit any application for industrial and commercial processes.


AMS has in their portfolio a range of equipment from several suppliers of digital panel meters, recorders, large displays, printers, low profile loadcells, S-Beam loadcells, mini-beam loadcells for All Ranges, GOLD Standard loadcells, force Sensors and torque measurement.

Service & Training

When process control instrumentation and measurement equipment go offline, everything goes offline.  At AMS Instrumentation & Calibration, we support our customers by providing calibration and repair services to resolve any problems that arise and keep your organisation up and running.

We Service All Industries

AMS has been supplying industrial instrumentation (flow, pressure, level, temperature, analytical and ancillary equipment) and calibration equipment to all industries, government departments and public utilities. AMS is proud to have developed these relationships over many years and will continue to do so and building new ones as they appear. Our  proven track record over the many years is testimony to our commitment to sales and service.

Who We Are

The company, originally established in 1973,  has its Head Office in Melbourne, Vic. and offices in NSW, WA, and QLD and supplies many of their product ranges into New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region. Since it early days the company has always been ahead of its time with being the first overseas distributor for FCI, one of the first overseas distributors for Beamex. AMS still represents these companies showing the faith in our company and staff. Since 1999 the company has grown from four people to twenty-six with many long standing employees.

The company represents some of the world’s leading manufacturers in their field, including    Azbil (Yamatake),    Beamex,    Bronkhorst,    ECD,    Ecom,    Fluid Components International (FCI),   HiTech Instruments (Eaton),    IKM Instrutek,    Interface,    Katronic,    Lauris Technologies,    London Electronics,    Marsh Bellofram,    McCrometer ,    Michell Instruments,    Noshok,    optek,   Process Control,    Trimec Flow Products   and several others.

"AMS will be the trusted partner by providing Unique Expertise in offering Engineering and Product selection Advice for Instrumentation and Calibration Solutions."

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