Trimec Flow Products

Trimec Flow Products

Multi-pulse Rotary Piston Flow Meters

The Trimec Flow Products MP series has long been established as a simple but reliable metering principle providing high levels of accuracy & repeatability for a wide range of liquids from extremely viscous lubricants, chemicals & food bases to non-conductive solvents & fuels.

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Diesel Electronic Flowmeter

Trimec Flow Products FD-Series Diesel Flowmeters are designed for common transfer applications involving diesel fuel, including receipt verification, loading, un-loading, distribution and dispensing where custody transfer (weights and measures) is not required. They are suitable for fleet depots, mine sites, construction sites, farms, marine facilities & portable fuelling applications. The meters are compact and can be used in both pumped and gravity-fed systems.

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Oval Gear Flow Meters

The Trimec Flow Products TF Series Oval Gear PD flowmeters offer a high level of accuracy turndown & repeatability. These precision meters are used for flow rate measurement in flow monitoring & control application and for totalizing in dispensing and batching. Micropulse gear meters are suitable for use with a wide range of clean liquids including viscous lubricants, chemicals, food bases & non-conductive low viscosity solvents either pumped or gravity fed.

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Insertion Paddle Meters

The Trimec Flow Products Dualpulse insertion paddle wheel flow transducer is a cost effective means of accurately measuring the flow of water, water-like liquids or a wide variety of low viscosity liquids in completely full, large diameter pipes. The sensor is inserted into the process piping via a suitable fitting. Liquid flow through the pipe results in rotation of the affixed paddle wheel. The rotational speed of the paddle is proportional to the flow velocity, and therefore, proportional to the flowrate in the pipe.

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Turbine Meters

The MT mini series have a tangential rotor with integral flow conditioning ports whilst the PT series have an axial rotor and flow guides, the PT series needs to be installed in straight sections of pipe either horizontal or vertical so that the flow is conditioned. The PT series have Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) approvals. Meters are available in Flanged or Threaded versions.

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Flow Instrumentation

FLOW RATE TOTALISERS – battery powered
Trimec Flow Products offer two models, the RT12 is more orientated towards the process control industry providing a range of analog & digital outputs compatible with PLC’s & other plant control equipment. The new RT20 has larger digits specifically suited for liquid transfer applications requiring high visibility & back-lighting.

BATCH CONTROLLERS – for digital inputs
The EB Ecobatch is fully programmable a two stage pre-set batch controller with high speed counting & automatic overrun compensation. Applications include bottle & container filling, loading systems & batch mixing.

BATTERY TOTALISER – low cost & compact
Providing resettable & accumulative totals on two lines of display, the BT11 is also available with intrinsically safe approval.

The PD2 is a pulse discriminator for by-directional flow applications, the PR2 is a pulse repeater interface for high loads & the PC1 miniature interface board converts an NPN solid state output to a PNP pulse output.

The FI-420 is a programmable 4~20mA frequency to current converter which fits within any Trimec Flow Products flowmeter.

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