Azbil Instrumentation

Azbil Instrumentation

Heat Value Gas Chromatograph Model: HGC303*

This a compact gas chromatograph that analyses up to 11 components of natural gas and outputs the results.
It is ideal for various natural gas applications including efficiency calculation of gas turbines and gas combustors and monitoring of boiler efficiency.

Compliant with ISO/GPA standards

The chromatograph’s analysis conforms to ISO/GPA standards.

Compatibility with system

In combination with the HDM303 data manager, the chromatograph can output analysis results in analogue format (4–20 mA DC). It also supports Modbus output to allow connection with a flow computer.

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Natural Gas Calorimeter GasCVDModel: CVM***

The GasCVD Natural Gas Calorimeter facilitates smooth, simple, and accurate trade transactions involving natural gas, a resource of increasing global importance. Its small size, light weight, high accuracy, and low price are impossible for conventional gas calorimeters and gas chromatographs to match. The gas calorimeter is also ideal for LNG calorific adjustment lines and applications that improve combustion efficiency for gas turbines and furnaces.

High-accuracy measurements even with gas component fluctuations

A high accuracy of ±1.0 % of the reading is ensured even with component fluctuations in the measured gas.

High reliability

To promote fair business transactions, the Natural Gas Calorimeter conforms to OIML R140 of the International Organization of Legal Metrology as a Class B CVDD (Calorific Value Determining Device), and conforms to the European metrology organisation WELMEC’s MID MI-002 standard.

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