The Flow Computer

Probably the most flexible Flow Computer in the world type the UNIFLOW-200 in the fields of Oil &Gas-, Chemical-, Energy-, and Heavy Industries 

  • Measures and calculates up to 8 fluid
  • flows simultaneously according to
  • standards
  • Calculates energy, CO2 emission
  • Stored reports and data archiving
  • For custody transfer and fiscal
  • Measurement
  • Easy to use, reliability
  • 3 years guarantee
  • Free charge „hotline” engineering
  • support in commissioning
  • Preferential price

Flow Computer type UNIFLOW-200

For measurement and control of more than 30 fluids (gases, oils, liquids, steam). The flow computer  is indispensable for pipeline, calculation of energy, CO2 emission and process applications.


With the excellent technical solution you can get a lot of advantages. We offer free charge „hotline” engineering support during commissioning and at other times.


With the more than 20 years experiences in development and manufacturing in on the field of Oil & Gas-, Chemical-,Energy-, and Heavy Industries Process Control can offer many references