Bronkhorst Meters & Controllers for Pressure

Bronkhorst digital electronic pressure transducers and controllers for gases and liquids have a well-proven compact thru-flow design. The instruments include a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor for accurate and reliable absolute, relative (gauge) or differential pressure measurement. Various integrated or separate control valves can be offered for specific field of application there are different series of control valves. There is a standard direct acting valve for common applications, a pilot operated valve for high flow rates, the so-called Vary-P valve that can cope with up to 400 bar ΔP and a bellows valve for applications with very low differential pressure.

The EPT Series havs a well-proven compact thru-flow design and includes a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor, a microprocessor based pc-board with signal and fieldbus conversion and a PID controller for optional pressure control by means of a separately mounted control valve. EL-PRESS series are equipped with a digital pc-board, offering high accuracy, excellent temperature stability and fast response. The main digital pc-board contains all of the general functions needed for measurement and control. In addition to the standard RS232 output the instruments also offer analogue I/O. As an option, an on-board interface can be mounted to provide DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, Modbus, EtherCAT®, PROFINET or FLOW-BUS protocols.

For specific fields of application, our customers may prefer to apply a metal sealed version, a rugged IP65 version, a microfluidic instrument or the most field proven, all-round EL-PRESS series.

The page: offers the options to select the correct meter or controller for the application

3 Factors Affecting Your Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges are an integral part of many industries, but unfortunately, they often do not get as much attention as required. Industries like food and beverage, pulp and paper, oil and refining, etc., cannot function without pressure gauges, however, just installing and forgetting about them will not suit — it is important to regular check the calibration of the pressure gauge calibration as well. Not calibrating pressure gauges may produce inaccurate readings. Several factors may affect the accuracy of the gauges as outlined below:

1. Vibration:
Vibration is one of the main factors that greatly affect the pressure gauge readings. In fact, vibrations caused by motors, heavy machinery, pumps and other rotating equipment, etc. can result in excess wear and tear on pressure gauges, resulting in inaccurate readings. Bad vibrations are responsible for damaging the pointer mechanism by moving the pointer off of zero, which leads to inaccurate readings. Even if the gauge is working properly and giving accurate readings, it may be a challenge to read it correctly if there is significant vibration. Exposure to continuous vibrations will eventually lead to pressure gauge failure. Moving the pressure gauges slightly away from the vibrating machinery can be helpful. If the gauge is installed in an environment where there is a significant amount of vibration, then using liquid-filled or oil-filled pressure gauges would be solution. The liquid, which is generally silicone oil or glycerin, helps the internals avoid the effects of vibration as it dampens the vibration. To further reduce the effects of vibration, mount the gauge on a nearby stationary object and connect the gauge to the piping through a capillary line.

2. Temperature:
Even though pressure gauges are designed to be used at various temperatures, you may get erroneous readings if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. If the ambient conditions are too hot or too cold, then it can produce loss of containment and causes the components to erode or break down. If the gauge is too hot install a remote mounted gauge with a capillary line. Another solution is to use a pigtail or coil siphon. The siphon protects the pressure gauge by allowing condensate to form inside the pigtail of the siphon which keeps the hot media from damaging the gauge. Ensure that the gauge you choose is made for the temperature level that it will be operating in.

3. Pulsation:
Pulsation, an event when overpressure spikes occur on a regular basis, is also responsible for harming pressure gauges. An effective way to tackle pulsation is to use pressure snubbers. They contain rapid pressure fluctuation and spikes by slowing the maximum speed that a substance can travel. They also help in making the gauges that measure quick oscillating media more readable and minimise damage. If it is envisaged that the likelihood of pulsation is high, a liquid filled gauge will assist as the liquid in it helps in dampening the spikes and reducing the effects of pulsation.

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Pressure Measurement Device for measuring overpressure and vacuum.

e most impressive feature of the HM35 and HM35 EX manometer is the versatile range of applications. It allows measurements in the area of gauge-, differential- or absolute pressure. The pressure measurements can be executed in either ovepressure or vacuum ranges.

    • Pressure ranges from vacuum up to 250 bar available
    • Symmetrical measuring ranges available
    • Accuracy classes in 0.2% / 0.1% / 0.05% F.S. selectable
    • Media-compatible devices available
    • Ex versions available
    • The EX-version meet the requirements for opearting in T3 (rechargeable batteries) and T4 (conventional batteries) temperature ranges.
    • Pressure change rate
    • MIN/MAX and average value
    • Illuminated display
    • Datalogger for up to 10000 measured values (interval is selectable)
    • Via the infrared interface (IR), all data of the pressure measurements, can be transferred directly to a PC.
    • Calibration software for Windows available
    • 22 selectable measurement units
    • Various accessories available for the HM35 Handheld Pressure Gauges, such as Hand operated pumps for pressure generation, Wall mounts, Leather cases and Various connectors, like M10x1, NPT 1/8″, 4/6MM…
AMS News

In the beginning of September AMS was audited for the ISO9001:2015 Quality System and once again passed the audit with flying colours. Although I was overseas during the audit the other members of the audit team, Anna Fernandez, Mike Farkas and Anil Warrior did a great job demonstrating how our quality system is maintained. The other companies in the group were also audited and also passed the audit with no issues.

I am currently overseas and will be visited some of our suppliers to be well informed of their processes and future plans. I will be visiting Axioma to discuss the AMS Water Metering group and Beamex to discuss the exciting new products that are under development. During my trip I also had the opportunity to visit Russia, which really impressed me and was a highlight of the trip.

It has just been announced that AMS has been appointed as distributor for Ntron Ntron strives to exceed customer expectations by continually innovating better and more efficient gas analysis and control solutions to help maximise process efficiency, improve product quality, protect the health and safety of personnel and the environment, as well as preserve capital equipment and investments. Further information will be forthcoming in future newsletters and on the AMS website.

The website is continuously updated and new articles placed on our BLOG page, thus keeping our customers informed of any new products or articles.