Introducing Models ST80 and ST80L Thermal Flow Meters from FCI

With the launch of its state-of-the-art ST80 Series Thermal Mass Flow Meter featuring breakthrough Adaptive Sensor Technology™ (AST™), the process industry’s air/gas flow measurement bar has been reset higher again for rangeability, accuracy, extended service life, reliability and application-matched solutions by Fluid Components International (FCI). FCl’s innovative AST thermal mass flow technology for the ST80 Flow Meters features an innovative hybrid sensor drive. This patent-pending measuring technique combines, for the first time, both of the industry’s highly proven constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT) thermal dispersion sensing technologies in the same instrument. Complementing this new measurement drive technique are a choice of four different flow sensor element designs to further ensure best installed performance, including FCI’s new wet gas solution. When operating in AST mode, the new ST80 Flow Meters measure in CT during start-up and through the lower flow ranges, and will then seamlessly shift into CP mode at mid-range and higher flow rates. The result is a best of both technologies performance level where the advanced ST80 meters deliver extremely fast response with extended measuring ranges, at low power consumption to maximize sensor reliability and reduce instrument energy expenses. The ST80 Flow Meters feature FCI’s rugged no-moving parts flow element design, which provides direct mass flow measurement with just a single process penetration. This approach saves plant real estate space and eliminates unnecessary installation labour and other expenses. It also prevents the performance degradation encountered with other flow technologies, which require the addition of expensive temperature and pressure sensors to compute an inferred mass flow. With no moving parts to plug or foul and clean, the ST80 Flow Meters deliver extensive lifecycle cost savings over higher maintenance technologies. The result is accurate and highly repeatable mass flow measurement at the lowest total installed cost. In today’s complex process control schemes, the ST80 meters provide the accurate air and gas flow measurements essential for process consistency, quality, plant safety and environmental compliance.

Make important data stand out!

Important measurements should be easy to see. Many variables in modern manufacturing can have a big impact on quality, efficiency and profit. Things like temperature, humidity, conveyor speed, ingredient weight, material stock levels, takt time, down time and OEE are often factors which directly affect a company’s profit.

The FUSION Series of large digit displays are fully self-contained. Just connect power and a sensor, and any important variable can be on show giving real-time feedback to everyone who needs to know.

Digit heights from 57mm up to 400mm. Sealed IP65 all round, washdown resistant, indoor and outdoor mounting.
Large weigh-bridge, silo content and crane load displays: Direct load cell connection or can accept 4-20mA, 0-10V, RS232, RS485, ProfiNet etc.
Can have alarms, data logging, serial data and analogue outputs.

ES-FLOW™ Low Flow Ultrasonic Flow Meters / Controllers
Liquid Independent Measurement of Low Volume Flow Rates

ES-FLOW™ are Volumetric Liquid Flow Meters for very low flow ranges. The instruments operate on a innovative measuring principle, using ultrasound in a very small, straight tube. A wide range of liquids can be measured independent of fluid density, temperature and viscosity.

Lowest range 4 … 200 ml/min
Highest flow approx. 1500 ml/min, depending on e.g. the available pressure drop.

Due to the combination of a straight sensor tube with zero dead volume, self-drainability, orbital TIG-welding and hygienic connections, this flow meter can be used for hygienic applications. Wetted parts are made of stainless steel, except for the rubber gaskets at the Triclamp or flange connections. The exterior design is according to IP67. For non-hygienic applications, the instruments can also be equipped with compression type fittings.

The user interface is a capacitive touchscreen with a TFT display to operate and readout the instrument.

Liquid flow control
The liquid flow meter can be connected to a dosing pump or a control valve to form a closed control loop. The electronic control function forms part of the normal circuitry in the meter.

Limited Time Introductory Discount Offer On The Full
FCI Product Range With The Release of the ST80
Flow Meters

AMS is offering its customers an additional 10% off on the FCI product range of thermal dispersion flow meters and switches as per attached link
Valid for order placement from April 1 till April 30. Available to customers within our sales territory. Please use code: Fluid-ST80 claim the discount.

Interface Torque Transducers

Interface produces nearly 50 types of reaction torque transducers and rotary torque transducers. All our torque transducers are precision-machined and use our proprietary torque sensors for the most accurate data possible. A torque sensor, is a transducer that converts a torsional mechanical input into an electrical output signal. A reaction torque sensor measures static torque, and rotary measures dynamic torque. Rotary torque transducers are used in applications where the torque transducer must rotate when attached to a spinning shaft. A rotary torque transducer provides a method of getting the signal off of the rotating element without an attached cable. We can help you find mounts from pedestals to shafts to flanges, and drives vary from hex to square to pulley, with more styles in between.

Azbil Differential Pressure Transmitter/Pressure
TransmittersAT9000Advanced Transmitter Model GTX

AT9000 Advanced Transmitters are smart differential pressure and pressure transmitters equipped with microprocessors for high performance and reliability. They can measure flow rate, pressure, and fluid levels of gases, liquids, and steam, as well as transmitting 4–20 mA DC analogue or digital signals in proportion to the measured pressure. By means of two-way communication between the AT9000 and a CommStaff or HART®
communicator, operations such as self-diagnosis, range setting, and zero adjustment can be easily accomplished.
Excellent long-term stability: long-term stability of only ±0.1 % drift over 10 years
Fast response: Response speed: 100 ms or faster.
Wide measuring range (rangeability): Rangeability 1:400
Very user-friendly: Zero/span adjustment can be done without opening the cover.
Multiple functions: Historical data (e.g., on excessive pressures or abnormal temperatures) can be retrieved by a communicator.

AMS News

The the second Beamex User Group meeting in Perth is only a few days away and we are very happy with the amount of people
that have registered for the meeting. The program has been finalised, dinner and entertainment is all done and now we can look
forward to a great meeting with lots of interaction between the presenters and audience.

The first quarter of the year has seen a relatively slow start to the year, but we are expecting an upsurge for the remainder of the year with the release of several new products and increased activity.

We also would like to welcome two new employees ti the AMS group, with Andrew Aditya joining us in Victoria as sales engineer and Michael Rudakov as an apprentice also in our Victorian office. We trust that both will have a long and rewarding career at AMS. AMS currently has still a vacancy for a sales engineer in our New South Wales office for an immediate start.