Beamex introduces a better way for workshop calibration

The new Beamex CENTRiCAL is easy to configure to suit individual requirements while the standard electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection offers electrical safety measures as a standard. Each CENTRiCAL is supplied with accredited calibration certificates to ensure quality and traceability. The Beamex CENTRiCAL is available with superb ergonomics via motorized height control, or as a fixed height bench. A straight bench as well as corner modules are available to meet user needs. A trolley-based design is also available for mobile solutions.

Why calibrate in a workshop?
Even though process instruments are often calibrated in the field with portable calibration equipment, there are situations when it is more effective and convenient to perform calibrations in a workshop. For example, during a commissioning phase, it is easier and faster to calibrate the process instruments in a workshop, before installing them into the process. It
is also more efficient to calibrate spare devices and rotational spares in a workshop. Better accuracy can also be achieved when the calibration is performed in controlled conditions, using dedicated high-accuracy workshop calibration equipment. In the event of harsh or even dangerous field conditions, calibration in a well-designed workshop with equipment ready for
use is ergonomic and practical. Workshop calibration can also compliment field calibration.

Automated and paperless calibration
“Combining the Beamex CENTRiCAL together with software, hardware and calibration expertise form an automated and paperless digital calibration solution. This solution can cut
the time spent on calibration by up to 50%. It saves money while at the same time improves the reliability of calibration records,” according to Mr. Salimäki.

Field-Changeable Constant Power/Constant Temperature Technology Is Here

If you always know all the actual field and process conditions into which your flow meters are installed, read no further. On the other hand, if you’ve ever been surprised to learn that all was not known or not as the process design engineer expected, then keep reading.

With thermal mass gas flow meters, there have always been two measuring techniques, constant power (CP) and constant temperature (CT). Both of the techniques are viable, popular, and have both advantages and disadvantages. Historically the trade-offs were about range, response times, sensor life, and susceptibility to moisture in the gas and power consumption. Over time, all the reputable manufacturers continuously tried to improve their products to overcome some aspect of their preferred technique’s short-comings.

Limited Time Discount Offer On The Eaton Biogas

AMS is offering its customers an additional 10% off on the Eaton Biogas Analyser product range Valid for order placement from August 1 till August 31. Available to customers within our sales territory. Please use code: EATON-6000 to claim the discount.


MTL GIR6000 Biogas Analyser

Designed specifically for the demands of the Biogas market, this anlayser provides reliable and accurate measurement, helping you to optimise your productivity and improve plant availability. The MTL GIR6000’s innovative modular design concept not only enables quick and easy installation and commissioning but allows users to maintain sensors on-site without the need for engineer site visits and expensive service contracts. The platform, modular design also offers the flexibility of upgrading or expansion to meet future demands as your plant’s measurement needs evolve.

– Integrated solution with enclosure for installation and location flexibility
– Unique platform concept for customisation of up to four gas modules
– CH4, CO2, 02, H2S, H*, CO* modules – (*Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen available in phase 2 release)
– Innovative modular design saves time and cost during installation, maintenance and commissioning
– Intelligent sensors use proven technology plus in-built calibration data for extended operating life
– Intuitive graphical user interface – Clear 7” LCD display with rugged push button menu for simple start up and programming with no need for specialised skills

– Visual alarm functionality to indicate current status of sensors
– Range of connectivity options utlising analogue outputs, relays and digital communications providing real time process data to the host control system
– Event logging and diagnostics allow full traceability of plant performance.

Digester gas analysis, Landfill gas monitoring, Flare stack monitoring, CDM verification, Gas-to-grid, CHP engine protection and efficiency

AMS News

The 2018-2019 financial year has been closed and AMS can look back to another successful year, although the first few months of this
year were quieter than usual overall it has been a good year. We increased our staffing levels by 20% with new staff members in
Queensland (Sunil Pathak), NSW (William Oey) and Victoria (Andrew Aditya, Breeze Johnstone and Michael (Rudy) Rudakov).
AMS was also appointed as distributor for the Bronkhorst range during last year and introduced several new products in the market,
such as the ST80 from FCI and Beamex Centrical calibration test benches.
The website has been fully updated for easier navigation. A blog page has also been added where news articles will be published on
a regular basis. We can now look forward to the next financial year with confidence.
As usual the mid-year sales conference was held in Melbourne for training, discussions and general updating. The meeting proved to
be invaluable as it is not often that all sales and technical staff have the opportunity to get together and discuss a range of issues.