The Beamex Users Group 2nd Annual Meeting will be held on the 26th-27th March 2019 in Perth, WA

The meeting will be held over two days and is free for people to attend. With a number of recent and pending product releases, the User Group will allow attendees to familiarise themselves with the Beamex product range and discuss strategies to improve management of your calibration workload. AMS is excited to have this opportunity to work with our customers to build upon their existing Beamex user experience.
The program is being finalised as we speak and speciality presenters Pertti Maki (Area Sales Manager) and Antti Makynen (Product Manager) from Beamex will assist in running the program. Other presenters will include our own Mike Farkas with further guest speakers to be confirmed in the near future. We have attached a registration form for interested people to complete. The deadline for registrations has been extended till March 7th-2019

850 Series Electronic Indicating Temperature Transmitter/Switch from Noshok

* Utilises PT1000 technology for continuous temperature monitoring, electronic temperature switching, and transmission of analogue output while providing local digital indication
* Allows for one or two switching outputs as well as optional current and voltage outputs
* Three buttons on top allow simple adjustment of the temperature set points, reset points, switching functions and the measuring
range of the optional analogue output
* 1/2” NPT Male standard connection
* A variety of stem lengths are available for maximum versatility; also available with adjustable insertion lengths via the sliding
compression fitting
* Durable stainless steel housing and wetted parts
* Display and electrical connection can be rotated independently
* RoHS compliant
Note: Thermowells are recommended for pressure, corrosive fluids and high velocity applications.

IN-FLOW Industrial style Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for gases from Bronkhorst.

N-FLOW Series Mass Flow Meters/Controllers are thermal, bypass-type, mass flow meters of modular construction with a ‘industrial style’ pc-board housing. Control valves can either be integrally or separately mounted, to measure and control gas flows.
The control valve design distinguishes itself from competitive designs in its truly modular construction and it can be field replaced or changed by the user without any adjustment. The standard valve is normally closed and is available up to Kv-values of 6.0. Normally opened valves can also be supplied. For high (differential) pressure applications, patented constructions enable us to handle high flows and/or pressure rating up to 700 bar (max. differential pressure 400 bar) in the IN-FLOW program, a capability which is unique in the market place.
Digital features and fieldbus interfaces
All models of the IN-FLOW series are equipped with a digital pc-board, featuring self-diagnostics, alarm and counter functions, digital communication and remotely adjustable control settings. These digital instruments from Bronkhorst offer great flexibility their instruments with an on-board interface with DeviceNet™, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET, Modbus or FLOW-BUS protocol. More information about digital “multibus” communication.
Approvals for hazardous locations
As an option, IN-FLOW Mass Flow Meters and Controllers can be offered use in explosive environments. For the European market, all IN-FLOW instruments can be adapted for application in ATEX Category 3, Zone 1. For the North American market, IN-FLOW devices can be offered with FM Class I Division 2 approval, up to a pressure rating of 400 bar (5800 psi).
Multi Gas / Multi Range functionality
IN-FLOW instruments with Multi Gas / Multi Range (MG/MR) functionality offer greater flexibility for user selection of both flow ranges and gas types, maintaining high accuracy and turndown range for measurement and control. Thanks to this feature, mass flow meters / controllers can be rescaled on site, saving time (and money) for mounting and dismounting. For the convenience of the user, Bronkhorst has developed an easy-to-use software tool called “FlowTune” for changing the configuration of instruments with activated Multi Gas / Multi Range option (available up to 10 bar operating pressure; to be specified at the moment of ordering).

Limited Time Discount Offer On AptiFlow Product

AMS is offering its customers an additional 10% off on the AptiFlow product range of averaging pitot tubes as per attached link Valid for order placement from March 1till March 31. Available to customers within our
sales territory. Please use code: AptiFlow19to claim the discount.

AptiFlow 25 Series Averaging Pitot Tubes

AptiFlow 25 Series are suitable for mounting into existing pipelines and are permanently installed by means of a flange or compression fitting. They utilise a 25mm nominal diameter probe and are available from 2” to 10” Nominal bore pipelines.
Further coding designates the mounting arrangement: T or F for the process connection (T-Threaded or F-Flanged) S or D for the type of mounting (SSingle or D-Double)

AptiFlow Model : 25TD – 25mm probe / Threaded Double support
316L St Stl. Construction
1/2″M & 1/4″ F NPT Impulse Connections
1″ NPT M Compression process connection
1″ NPT Threadolet pipe fitting – A 105 C.Stl.

Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter FC1223

The FC1223 gas flow meter is specifically developed for flare gas and associated gas flow measurement where conventional ultrasonic gas flow meters are experiencing problems due to high turbulence or presence of liquids. The FC1223 is an efficient gas accounting system which brings together high performance, reliability, and low cost. The design is based on proprietary ultrasonic transit-phase measurement method with in-line positioning of transducers (no beam reflections). Besides volumetric flow, the “M”version, model FC1223-M, additionally offers molecular weight & mass flow measurement.
Transit-phase measurement
Dry and wet gas (no limit on volume liquid as soon as it is mixed, no stratification)
Removable transducers
Minimum gas velocity 0.1m/s (0.3ft/s)
Maximum gas velocity 175m/s (585ft/s)
Maximum pressure 64bar ( 900psi)
Pipe sizes from 3” to 24”
Typical applications: flare gas and associated gas measurement

AMS News

With January gone we are already moving towards the end of February. Planning is going well for the Beamex User Group meeting with many registrations received. To ensure we cover all our Beamex customers we have extended our registration till the 7th of March. We have further secured a comedian, Peter Rowsthorn, to entertain the guests during the dinner on the first night.

The Bronkhorst range is now well established within the AMS fold with many enquiries being sent to AMS. We will continue to maintain the advertising profile for a few more months to ensure existing customers become well aware of the change of distributorship.

Several of our suppliers have indicated that there will be new product releases in the next few months which will further increase our product offering. As usual our subscribers will be the first to be made aware of these releases.