KATflow 170 Clamp-On ATEX, IECEx and EAC-Ex Ultrasonic Flowmeter

For applications where harsh environmental conditions demand a more rugged instrument, the KATflow 170 provides a corrosionresistant option as part of a fully ex-certified package. The flowmeter is intended for permanent operation in Zone 1 and 2 hazardous areas and is an economical choice for a variety of metering applications. The KATflow 170 demonstrates that even the most complex technical requirements can be met with straightforward solutions.
Pipe Diameter 10 – 3,000 mm ATEX, IECEx, EAC-Ex-certified Degree of Protection IP 66 Temperature Compensation Internal Data Logger Process Outputs The KATflow 170 flowmeter is designed around a choice of explosion-proof housings available in either offshore industry compliant epoxy-coated copper-free aluminium, or stainless steel. The instrument is extremely easy to use and is programmed with a magnetic pen and a glass-fronted keypad for increased safety. The robustness and reliability of the KATflow 170 is further enhanced by its encapsulated IP 68 transducers which are manufactured from stainless steel and have a sturdy cable conduit.
Dual flow monitoring with sum, average, difference and maximum calculations
IP 68 stainless steel sensors as standard
Optional current inputs for pressure, temperature and density compensation
Up to 100,000 measurement data logger and software for sampling and data transfer
Process output options current, open-collector, relay
Ex-certified PT100 probe for temperature compensation

Beamex News

The latest patch update (version 2.11.7) for Beamex CMX has been added to our website’s Download Center: https://www.beamex.com/downloadcenter/ You will need a password: 20BeamexCMX18 to download the latest patch files. Among the files you will find the CMX release note for further information. Download the files matching your installation (CMX Professional, CMX Professional FS or CMX Enterprise). Unzip the files and follow the installation guide found inside the unzipped package. Note! bMobile version 2.1.1 is required for full compatibility with CMX 2.11.7
As briefly mentioned in the LOGiCAL message a couple of weeks ago, the MC2 is now a documenting calibrator. With the newest firmware version (3.20) just released, the MC2 becomes a documenting calibrator. This is a standard feature (no options required). The MC2 will have a similar calibration mode as the MC4. Selected existing MC2 calibrators can also be updated free of charge to become documenting calibrators. This new firmware is compatible with MC2-TE and MC2-MF calibrators with serial number
greater than 13000.
The latest patch update (version 2.11.7) for Beamex CMX is now available. To upgrade contact Mike Farkas mailto:mike.f@ams-ic.com.au

Difference between Calibration and Validation

Calibration is a process that ensures that accuracy is maintained in the measurements produced by your equipment.

Calibration performance of any equipment is compared against a reference standard.

Calibration assures accuracy of measurements.

You must periodically calibrate your instruments. Identify if there is a ‘drift’ in the measurements and eliminate it through calibration.

It should be performed as per calibration Standard Operating Procedure

Validation is a documented process that provides assurance that a product, service or system consistently provides results within the acceptable criteria.

There are no reference standards used in validation.

Validation provides proof of consistency across all the processes, batches of
products or methods being used.

There are no such requirements for validation. It should be performed when you make any change in the existing system or when the revalidation period has reached.

It should be performed as per the validation protocol.

Limited Time Discount Offer On The Full Katronic
Product Range.

AMS is offering its customers an additional 10% off on the Katronic product range of ultrasonic flow meters as per attached link
Valid for order placement from May 1 till May 31. Available to customers within our sales territory. Please use code: Fluid-ST80 claim the discount.

Interface Torque Transducers

In a competitive market, you need to respond immediately to anything which could affect your production efficiency. You need to deal with it now, and you need to understand what to do to stop it from happening again.
London Electronics offer a range of sizes to allow viewing from close up to as far as 200m away. Sealed for washdown and with a 3 year warranty, these displays are reliable and quickly pay for themselves. All are RoHS compliant. Live data can even be saved onto a cloud-based system so you can view the same live data from wherever you are in the world.
Stock Status display to show stock status in various stores areas.
Industrial displays need to accept the most common industrial signals, so we have solutions for TCP/IP, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, Profibus, Interbus,  therCAT, ControlNet, 4-20mA, load cells etc.

Hawker Electronics Flexilevel2 Indicator / Controller

The Hawker Flexilevel 2 is a wall mounted Process Indicator and Controller, which accepts a signal input between 0 to 25mA, it incorporates a 24V DC power supply to operate loop-powered transmitters such as Hawker Sondaloop.
Five voltage free relays are provided, four of which are programmable with fully adjustable hysteresis for use as pump control or alarm. The fifth relay is a multi-purpose fault relay designed to de-energise with power failure and excess current (21mA ). Power Supply for the Flexilevel is either 230/110VHz or 24V DC.

AMS News

The second Beamex User Group meeting in Perth was held last month and according to the feedback received from the attendees it proved to be a great success. Planning is already on the way for the next meeting

The first quarter of the year has seen a relatively slow start to the year, but we are expecting an upsurge for the remainder of the year with the release of several new products and increased activity.

We also would like to welcome two new employees ti the AMS group, with Andrew Aditya joining us in Victoria as sales engineer and Michael Rudakov as an apprentice also in our Victorian office. We trust that both will have a long and rewarding career at AMS. AMS currently has still a vacancy for a sales engineer in our New South Wales office for an immediate start.

The AMS subsidiary, AMS Water Metering, have received their first order and has just been awarded their NMI approval for the supply
of smart water meters in Australia. This is a significant step forward in the short history of the company. The website www.amswatermetering.com has also just been released.