McMenon Industrial Flow Meters

McMenon Industrial Flow MetersSurface Mount Sensors There are times when it is of questionable value to penetrate the pipeline for a temperature measurement. A surface mounting sensor can be provided to measure the temperature of the outside of the pipeline. With reasonable lagging the accuracy of these sensors is virtually identical to a Thermowell system. [...]

Marsh Bellofram

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Noshok100 Series Industrial Type Bimetal Thermometers Heavy-duty, industrial thermometer featuring a weather-resistant, tamper-proof case Single °F, single °C, and dual scale options available Accuracy: ±1% full scale, Grade A, ASME B40.3 ± 1-3/4", 2", 3" and 5" sizes - center back connection only Standard stem lengths 2-1/2" through 42" View More850 Series Electronic Indicating Temperature [...]