NtronSenz-Tx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter The SenzTx is a compact and robust O2 transmitter that utilises zirconia or electrochemical technology to give a reliable measurement of oxygen concentration. The zirconia sensor offers fast response time and a long service life with virtually no drift, whilst the electrochemical sensor allows measurement in background gases containing hydrocarbons.View MoreAM [...]

Azbil Instrumentation

Azbil InstrumentationHeat Value Gas Chromatograph Model: HGC303* This a compact gas chromatograph that analyses up to 11 components of natural gas and outputs the results. It is ideal for various natural gas applications including efficiency calculation of gas turbines and gas combustors and monitoring of boiler efficiency. Compliant with ISO/GPA standards The chromatograph's analysis conforms [...]


ECDChlorine Analysers ECD Family of Chlorine Analysers including FC80 Free Chlorine Analyser, TC80 Total Chlorine Analyser, DC80 DeChlorination Analyser, and many others. View MoreNitrate and Ammonium Analysers The HYDRA Nitrate Analysers are designed to monitor the nitrification process directly in the aeration basin or clarifier of a Waste Water Treatment Plant. The HYDRA Nitrate Sensor [...]

ecom GMBH

ecom GMBHFlue gas analysis analysis on highest level Handy instrument or compact analyser? Measurements at heating plants, engines or large-sized burners? Gas, fuel oil and/or solid combustibles – which fuel types? Further gas components? Inform yourself – or better: just let us know your practical needs and we´ll propose you all possibly suitable models! View [...]


optekProcess Control Solutions by optek-Danulat optek inline analysers measure turbidity, UV-VIS-NIR absorbance, colour, concentration, pH and conductivity using innovative technologies for accurate and reliable results. optek provides precise, high quality process control instruments that are cost effective and a long term solution. With a varied line of products, including inline turbidity meters, concentration probes and [...]

Eaton / MTL

Eaton / MTLOxygen gas analysers, detectors and meters - O2 The Oxygen analyser range utilise either long life galvanic (G range) or non-depleting zirconia (Z range) sensor technology. The individual application requirements will determine the best technology to use and the most suitable analyser model. View MoreChlorine Analysers (Cl2 H2) The requirement to accurately monitor [...]

Michell Instruments

Michell InstrumentsMoisture Analysers and Hydrocarbon Dew-Point Analysers Control of moisture and hydrocarbon dew point is critical for the operational safety and efficiency of the plant equipment in the process. Michell Instruments has been developing expert moisture sensing instruments and systems for 40 years. Today Michell Instruments can offer the world’s most comprehensive range of moisture [...]