McMenon Industrial Flow Meters

McMenon Industrial Flow MetersSurface Mount Sensors There are times when it is of questionable value to penetrate the pipeline for a temperature measurement. A surface mounting sensor can be provided to measure the temperature of the outside of the pipeline. With reasonable lagging the accuracy of these sensors is virtually identical to a Thermowell system. [...]

McMenon Industrial Flow Meters

McMenon Industrial Flow MetersAveraging Pitot Tubes Being insertion devices with a relatively small aspect ratio, Pitot Tubes incur a very low pressure loss and are also very economical both to purchase and install, especially in larger pipelines and rectangular ducts. Pitot tubes are also available in retractable versions, allowing insertion and withdrawal from a pipeline [...]


NtronSenz-Tx Oxygen Sensor Transmitter The SenzTx is a compact and robust O2 transmitter that utilises zirconia or electrochemical technology to give a reliable measurement of oxygen concentration. The zirconia sensor offers fast response time and a long service life with virtually no drift, whilst the electrochemical sensor allows measurement in background gases containing hydrocarbons.View MoreAM [...]

Katronic Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeters

Katronic K180 Ultrasonic Gas Flow MetersKatronic KATflow 180 Clamp-On Ultrasonic Gas Flow Meter Transmitter The new KATflow 180 Gas Clamp-On Ultrasonic Flow Meter Transmitter represents the culmination of many years of development in the field of ultrasonic technology. It has been designed to provide a reliable measurement on varying applications. From high pressure flow systems [...]


NoshokLevel Transmitters NOSHOK 20, 25 and 30 Series Intelligent Pressure and Level Transmitters, uniquely designed to address the specific requirements of the food and beverage industry. These transmitters are ideal for hygienic applications and harsh, aggressive ambient conditions. View More


BRONKHORST HIGH-TECH Mass Flow Transmitters and ControllersMeters & Controllers for Pressure Bronkhorst digital electronic pressure transducers and controllers for gases and liquids have a well-proven compact thru-flow design. The instruments include a diaphragm type piezo-resistive pressure sensor for accurate and reliable pressure measurements. Various integrated or separate control valves can be offered for specific applications. [...]


InterfaceLoad Cells Interface are the Load Cell Experts! Whether you need general purpose, LowProfile or miniature cells for standard or special applications Interface are able to supply. Talk to us about what sort of forces you need to measure, and under what conditions and constraints. We'll walk you through the load cell specification process, quickly [...]

London Electronics

London ElectronicsIntuitive Digital Panel Meters Tthe Intuitive Series of high performance digital panel meters are easy to use, highly reliable and accurate, with a 3 year warranty. A new setup system in the INT4 series makes these panel meters super-easy to set up, saving you time and money. They can be set to display 2,3,4,5 [...]

Azbil Instrumentation

Azbil InstrumentationHeat Value Gas Chromatograph Model: HGC303* This a compact gas chromatograph that analyses up to 11 components of natural gas and outputs the results. It is ideal for various natural gas applications including efficiency calculation of gas turbines and gas combustors and monitoring of boiler efficiency. Compliant with ISO/GPA standards The chromatograph's analysis conforms [...]


ECDChlorine Analysers ECD Family of Chlorine Analysers including FC80 Free Chlorine Analyser, TC80 Total Chlorine Analyser, DC80 DeChlorination Analyser, and many others. View MoreNitrate and Ammonium Analysers The HYDRA Nitrate Analysers are designed to monitor the nitrification process directly in the aeration basin or clarifier of a Waste Water Treatment Plant. The HYDRA Nitrate Sensor [...]